Julie Delpy to Direct Biopic THE RIGHT PROFILE on Joe Strummer, Lead Vocalist of The Clash

     November 21, 2011

After we reported that Julie Delpy will be writing/starring in a third film in the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset series, news broke on the Oscar-nominated actress’s next project. Delpy will direct the biopic of Joe Strummer, the frontman for English punk band “The Clash.” The production by Simon Halfon (Sleuth) has been titled The Right Profile after a track on “London Calling,” the band’s 1979 album.

The biopic will obviously portray Strummer’s life, but will focus on his planned disappearance from the public eye soon before the release of their 1982 album, “Combat Rock.” Strummer tragically passed away in December of 2002, a month prior to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with “The Clash.” Hit the jump for more on The Right Profile.

joe-strummer-imageVariety reports that Delpy may not just direct, but could also star in the biopic. The French actress tends to act in films that she’s written and directed, such as 2 Days in Paris, The Countess and Le Skylab. Delpy has also just wrapped on the sequel 2 Days in New York, starring Chris Rock as her character Marion’s new love interest.

“The Clash” has its own history of stories for the screen. The 1980 pseudo-documentary Rude Boy followed a fictional fan as he traveled 1970s England as the band’s roadie. Hell W10 was a silent film written by Strummer in 1983 that appeared on The Essential Clash DVD. After Strummer’s death, three features on the band were produced, including Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten which won the 2007 British Independent Film Award for Best British Documentary. Below, you can check out the title track from which the Delpy-directed biopic took its name:

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