JUMPER – Video Interviews with Doug Limon, Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson

     February 12, 2008

I normally don’t post generic video interviews provided by movie studios…but I’m making an exception for “Jumper.” The first reason why I’m doing it is that I liked the movie, but the main reason is that the interviews were conducted in Rome and Egypt! There is just something very cool about watching director Doug Limon talk about “Jumper” while the Pyramid and Sphinx are in the background. Or for the other interview with the cast members…having the Roman Coliseum as your location.

If you don’t know about “Jumper,” the movie is directed by Doug Limon (“Swingers,” “Go,” “The Bourne Identity”) and it stars Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson.

The premise is that Hayden plays someone with the ability to teleport. It ends up that certain people have been born with this gift for many years. However, there is a group – called the Paladins – that is determined to hunt down and kill anyone with this gift. So while Hayden just wants to live a life of leisure and pursue his own selfish goals, once the Paladins notice him, everything changes and he’s forced to fight.

I’m trying to be kind of vague and not give it all away, all you need to know is that it’s a solid popcorn movie and one that has great effects, amazing locations, and a ton of action. But I think my favorite part of the movie is that Hayden’s character isn’t a hero. He doesn’t want to use his gifts to save mankind or better humanity. He wants to get laid, not work, and surf where the waves are high. It’s a nice change from every comic book movie where the main character is a superman.

Anyway, I’m posting an exclusive interview that I did with Doug Limon tomorrow, but until then, enjoy the video interviews that I was provided. And if you want to watch some movie clips from “Jumper,” click here.

Director Doug Limon

Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson

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