JUPITER ASCENDING Comic-Con Panel Recap: Epic New Trailer Revealed

     July 26, 2014


One of my most anticipated films of this summer was writers/directors Lana and Andy Wachowski’s original sci-fi pic Jupiter Ascending.  I was bummed when Warner Bros. decided to push the movie to next February, but luckily that gave the studio the opportunity to shed more light on the film at Comic-Con 2014.  Earlier today in Hall H, star Channing Tatum took the stage to present the film’s excellent new trailer and tease a bit more about the pic.  Read my full recap of the Jupiter Ascending Comic-Con panel after the jump.

jupiter-ascending-channing-tatumTatum took the Comic-Con stage to the delight of fans, but unfortunately he was the only Jupiter Ascending member there.  He explained that the Wachowskis were held up shooting their Netflix series, and said that Mila Kunis couldn’t come because “she’s super pregnant.”  Tatum was welcomed by moderator extraordinaire Chris Hardwick, and when he revealed that he didn’t have a chance to walk the convention floor yet, Hardwick quipped, “Take your shirt off and just be like, ‘It’s Magic Mike cosplay.”

The new trailer teases an absolutely massive scope for the film, as well as its unabashedly sci-fi nature.  I love the sound effects used as the space vehicles are firing on each other in the middle of the city—there’s no time wasted trying to make Jupiter Ascending “gritty” or “grounded”, this is a colorful sci-fi epic in every sense of the word.  The new trailer also gives us a better idea of the bonkers story, which sees Kunis playing the rightful heir as the Queen of the Universe.  Everything I’ve seen from this film makes me want to see it even more, and I hope audiences reward big original sci-fi next February when the pic hits theaters.

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