“Shooot Herrrrr!” Bid on the Raptor Cage from JURASSIC PARK; Comes with Raptor Inside (Seriously)

     January 27, 2014


Are you a fan of Jurassic Park?  Do you have about $100,000 to spare?  Good news!  The raptor cage from the beginning of the film is up for bids on eBay.  Granted, it wasn’t good enough to save that gatekeeper, but as John Hammond reminded us, all major theme parks have delays, and Jurassic Park was slightly delayed because a velociraptor was chomping on a person.  Additionally, this cage is a bit of a fixer-upper, however, it does come with a full-sized raptor prop.  And this cage can store all kind of hubris!  If you have created a scientific abomination, you now have a place to put it.

Hit the jump to check out some images of the cage.  The auction ends today, so spare no expense!

Click here to go bid on the raptor cage.  Here are some images from the seller:

Here are more details on the prop:

  • This is the original screen used prop seen in the opening scene of Jurassic Park
  • It is an authentic, original prop which was designed and constructed for the film
  • The Crate is featured prominently in the opening scene of the movie, as can be seen in the reference shots below!
  • The Crate is primarily wood, with some metal/steel components
  • The bottom of the crate is heavy steel
  • This is a very large and heavy prop; estimated weight is several hundred to one thousand pounds
  • Includes a full size Velociraptor prop
  • Velociraptor prop was produced for display at the premiere of the film

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