JURASSIC WORLD Sets Record for Fastest Film to Reach $1 Billion Worldwide

     June 22, 2015


If you’re wondering why all franchises are sequels and reboots, this is why. Two months after Furious 7 became the fastest film to reach $1 billion worldwide by getting there in 17 days, Jurassic World has now taken the title. It only took the Jurassic Park sequel 13 days to rake in that much cash. Additionally, Deadline reports that the movie has taken another record as well—biggest domestic weekend with a box office of $106.6 million. That means the movie has now reached $402.8 million, which means it also holds the title for fastest film to reach $400 million domestic. It accomplished this feat in 10 days.

It’s always frustrating when a movie that’s not very good does so well at the box office because it tells studios that story and characters are secondary to action. Jurassic World had nostalgia and rampaging dinosaurs, so that’s good enough to blow up the box office. Everyone speaks the language of “Boom”, and you don’t need subtitles for dinosaurs destroying everything and everyone in their path.

But 2015 is far from over, although at this point, there’s only one movie I can see reaching $1 billion faster than Jurassic World. Don’t underestimate the Force.


Image via Universal Pictures

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