JURASSIC WORLD Toy Images Reveal the Indominous Rex in All Its Glory

     February 13, 2015


Toy Fair 2015 gets underway this weekend, during which time a slew of new figures, collectibles, etc. will be unleashed upon the world. Merchandising is a huge deal for studios when it comes to big franchises, and as we all know from George Lucas’ experience, that’s oftentimes where the biggest profit comes into play. As I don’t hold any merchandising rights myself nor work for a company that does I’m not necessarily interested in the bottom line, but the Toy Fair is notable in that it sometimes gives us our first look at characters or set pieces from upcoming films.

jurassic-world-posterThis is certainly the case with Jurassic World, as Hasbro has unveiled its line of dinosaur toys from the upcoming sequel, in the process giving us our first full look at the new hybrid dinosaur Indominous Rex. While I normally avert my eyes from such things, the few (admittedly brief) glimpses we’ve seen of the Indominous Rex in the trailers for the film have been CG, so I’m actually happy to get a look at the dinosaur in a physical form before the movie’s release (and I’m hopeful there’s a good deal of practical Indominous in the movie as well).

Not too much is known about the dino just yet, other than the fact that it is a hybrid that was created in a lab specifically to be an attraction at the functioning Jurassic World theme park. This being the Jurassic Park franchise and all, the creature subsequently wreaks havoc on the guests, once again proving that humans are very, very stupid.

These Jurassic World toy images actually give us a really good look at the Indominous Rex, and he’s certainly a formidable figure. He’s also quite odd-looking, complete with dragon-like scales and what look to be icicles hanging off his elbows (the dude could use some Vaseline STAT). Obviously the Indominous Rex we see in the film could be a bit different from this toy, but for those wanting an early peek at what to expect, these images are a swell teaser.

Check out the Jurassic World toy images below (via EW), which also include looks at a few other dinosaurs from the movie. I will say I’m happy to see they’ve maintained the branding on the hip just like the old toys, though this time it’s “JW” instead of “JP”. Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12th.




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