Just Another INGLORIOUS Day

     October 14, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

We received a press release today from The Weinstein Co announcing that director Quentin Tarantino has begun principal photography on his WWII epic “Inglorious Bastards.” Whoopee, right? For a fact this is not exactly earth-shatteringly exciting news, but the press release had two real points of interest:

First, the title of the press release was “Inglourious Basterds.” Now, for those of you who are thinking, “Isn’t that how they spell shit in Europe?” No it isn’t. It is actually spoofing the first draft of Quentin’s script that made the rounds awhile back – which confirmed that the man does not care for the spell-check feature.

Secondly, for those wondering which forgotten star the director would pluck from obscurity to breathe new life into his/her career – aside from Mike Myers that is – wonder no more! Listed dead last on the cast section of today’s press release was one Cloris Leachman! Or for you “Dancing with the Stars” fans: that crazy old lady who took off her wig and humped the floor last week.

I couldn’t find any info on which part belonged to the eighty-something year old comedienne, but here’s hoping that, whomever she plays, she will get to give her faux-German accent from “Young Frankenstein” another test drive.

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