JUST CAUSE Getting Big Screen Adaptation with HITMAN Producer Adrian Askarieh

     October 2, 2010

Despite a number of video game adaptations fluttering in the wind because of their high budgets, it seems people just can’t get enough out of developing high concept productions. Eric Eisner’s L+E Pictures will be the latest to start fleshing out a video game adaptation, because according to Variety, they’ll be taking on Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause franchise with some help from producer Adrian Askarieh of Prime Universe Productions. The goal is to sell the film to a studio after Michael Ross (Turistas) writes the script. Hit the jump for full details on the project.

Just Cause follows this premise:

Rico Rodriguez, aka the Scorpion, is a black ops agent who carries out deadly missions for the U.S. government that come in the form of creating chaos and destabilizing rogue nations from within and turning the bad guys against each other. The character’s calling card is his grappling hook and penchant for aerial stunts with his unique parachute, putting him in unusual action scenarios like hijacking fighter jets in midair.

The first volume of the game sold over one million units, while the recently released second title has already doubled those figures. While the premise does sound like an expensive film, Askarieh has financed a similar high production film, Hitman, with Just Cause publisher Eidos Interactive and Fox. A sequel is in the works and he is also producing Eidos’ Kane and Lynch, though that film has stalled despite star power with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx attached.

The screenwriter Ross is currently set to develop the Clive Owen vehicle Cartagena at 2929 Productions and has turned in drafts for Jar City at Overture and Near Dark for Platinum Dunes and Rogue Pictures. Eric Eisner is son of former Disney chief Michael Eisner, and his L+E Pictures is developing a biopic about Jerry Garcia, frontman of the Grateful Dead.

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