Jason Momoa Confirms ‘Justice League’ Has a Post-Credits Scene

     November 7, 2017


Justice League will mark a pretty significant departure for the DC Extended Universe: it’ll be only the second DC film to feature a post-credits scene. Indeed, most of the DC films thus far—from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Wonder Woman—have refrained from teasing future films in a post-credits scene or sequence, in an effort to further distance themselves from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Suicide Squad was the first to include one, in which Ben Affleck’s Batman appears to set up Justice League, but there was a concerted effort in the early days of crafting the DCEU to move as far away from what Marvel was doing as possible, even if the entire idea of crafting an interconnected series of films was based on the success of the MCU. Batman v Superman infamously took the DC’s darker tone to its limits, and that has since been pulled back—most notably in the heroic and optimistic Wonder Woman, which broke all sorts of box office records this summer.

As the DCEU continues to take shape and course-correct, it appears Warner Bros. is no longer running from Marvel comparisons. Not only does Justice League promise a more colorful and hopeful tone, but Aquaman actor Jason Momoa recently revealed to BBC Radio 2 (via ComicBook.com) that you’ll be getting a Justice League after-credits scene at the end of the film:

“They do [have to watch right through the end]. You gotta sit through the whole thing, go through the credits.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Justice League director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. actually toyed with the idea of including a comedic after-credits scene at the end of Man of Steel, but it was reportedly vetoed by producer Christopher Nolan who replied “a real movie wouldn’t do that.” Whether the Justice League after-credits scene is comedic or dramatic, whether it was shot by Snyder or reshoots director Joss Whedon, or whether we get one or two like with the Marvel films, is unclear.

The only two DC films on Warner Bros.’ release schedule at the moment are Aquaman, which just finished filming, and Wonder Woman 2, which is still in development. Shazam is set to start production early next year, but it feels most likely that if Justice League were to set up a future film, it would be Aquaman given that James Wan was directing that film while Justice League was coming together in post-production and reshoots. Basically, it was the furthest along and most accessible in terms of talent and resources.


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