Joseph Kahn Reveals Concept Art & Animation Test from His ‘Justice League Dark’ Pitch

     December 17, 2017


Amongst the numerous DC properties that are seemingly consistently in and out of development is Justice League Dark. Sure, there was an animated, straight-to-DVD version of the story that came out earlier this year, but the characters that make up JLD, including Swamp Thing, Constantine, and Deadman, are more than deserving of a live-action blockbuster.


Image via DC Comics

As of right now, the long-awaited movie has no director, following Doug Liman‘s recent exit, but there is a screenplay from Housebound scribe Gerard Johnstone and Jon Spaihts, who penned Doctor Strange for Marvel. Which is to say that Justice League Dark is just missing a visionary or, to be more blunt about it, a visionary who doesn’t mind warping and augmenting their vision when the producers tell them that Swamp Thing needs to be drinking more than one Coca-Cola during the climax.

Liman clearly wasn’t there only choice, so one has to assume that everyone else that pitched or met with Warner Bros. and DC simply didn’t have the time or didn’t want to compromise a movie with their name on it. One person we know for sure has met with the brass at DC and Warner Bros. is Joseph Kahn, the man behind the famous Power Rangers short from 2015 and a regular director of Taylor Swift music videos. According to a tweet thread that Kahn posted yesterday, he pitched the movie some two years ago with concept art and an animation test to boot.


Image via DC Comics

He posted the art and the test for Swamp Thing, which you can see below, and if the concept is any signal of where he was going with the movie, he seems to have a good idea about how the characters should look at least. Kahn used actor visages, ranging from Dan Stevens to Chiwetel Ejiofor, to build the concepts for Jason Blood, Zatanna, Deadman, Constantine, and Swamp Thing in the hopes that those actors might actually play them eventually. That seems less likely now, but both Ejifor and Stevens are already ensconced in Marvel, appearing in Doctor Strange and Legion respectively, so its not out of the question. And though Kahn might not have the resume one would want to take on such a massive project, he has a solid idea of what the characters and look of the film should be, which is a more-than-promising start.

Here’s the Swamp Thing animation test:

Here’s the concept art tweets from Kahn:

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