‘Justice League Dark’: John Constantine Takes on British Demons in a New Clip

     January 11, 2017


While Batman might be the sole member of the Justice League who functions just as well on the supernatural crime-fighting team known as Justice League Dark, John Constantine is really the master of the mystical domain in the new animated feature from DC Universe Original Movies. Matt Ryan returns to voice the role of the supernaturally informed sorcerer in a movie that sees the magically powered superheroes taking on a threat that’s too sinister for even the combined forces of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League.

A new clip has debuted today, one which shows off Constantine’s particular set of skills and humor, as well as Ryan’s own ability to bring the character to life. Ryan also gave an interview about returning to the animated version of the role he made famous in NBC’s short-lived live-action series, and revealed whether or not he’s ready to move on from the character.

Check out the clip below, followed by an interview with Ryan (via Empire):

Earlier this week, it was announced that Ryan would be returning to voice Constantine for the CW Seed series as well, so even though the live-action role dried up, there are still plenty of opportunites for him to explore the character. He said as much to Empire:

It’s funny, isn’t it? Doing Arrow was great, seeing how he interacts with Oliver and all the characters there, and then to get to explore him in this medium as well is a lot of fun. I love the character. It’s probably my most favorite character that I play, and there’s still so much there to explore with him; so much going on, so much depth to him. And darkness, and wit, and all those things. It’s what made it great to get in the booth and try him on again.

Here’s how he sees the various iterations of Constantine:

I think that the TV universe is a little bit different from the others. Basically we’re just trying to bring what I knew of him, and the voice, and just play him in this context, having him interact with Batman and Zatanna, or Deadman and Swamp Thing. All these relationships which we didn’t get to explore on the TV show was really fun to do, but also in animation he can shoot bolts, and the magic is different. So it is a different universe and he’s slightly different in that context, but still the same guy underneath. The DNA of the character is still there — the wisecracking “magician” who reluctantly does what he does.


Image via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

As for Constantine’s role in Justice League Dark, Ryan teases a bit more about his reluctant anti-hero:

What’s interesting is that he doesn’t want to get involved. There’s lots of bad things happening all over the world and Batman and the Justice League decide that they have to call in someone who knows how to deal with all this stuff. Constantine is thrust upon them from other forces and they have to seek him out. They do so and he reluctantly becomes part of the team with old friends like Zatanna, and all these people who he has various relationships with. He’s the one that knows the most about the archaic world and this one. He leads in that he guides the rest of the team to figuring out what’s going on, and getting to the root of the problem. It’s an interesting journey.

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