J.J. Abrams’ ‘Justice League Dark’ Series Is Heading to HBO Max

     April 16, 2020

J.J. Abrams will be tackling the DC Comics property of Justice League Dark… on the small screen. We learned this past January that Abrams and his Bad Robot production company were in negotiations to produce TV shows and films based on the Justice League Dark series of comics, and today Warner Bros. announced that an hourlong drama series based on Justice League Dark will be coming to WB’s streaming service HBO Max, produced by Bad Robot.

No further details were given, and nothing was mentioned about potential feature films. Justice League Dark is actually one of three new Bad Robot series that were announced for HBO Max today, in addition to a Shining prequel series called Overlook and an original crime series called Duster that Abrams will co-write.


Image via DC Comics

Justice League Dark has been in the works at Warner Bros. for a long time now. Initially, Guillermo del Toro wrote a screenplay that he was maybe going to direct before departing the project altogether. Then in 2016, Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) signed on to direct with WB targeting big A-listers to lead the cast. Liman left the project in 2017, and it’s been in limbo ever since.

Justice League Dark is exactly what is sounds like—a darker version of a superhero team. Protagonists include mystical chain smoker John Constantine, flora-creature Swamp Thing, fortune-teller Madame Xanadu, a ghost named Deadman, a vmpire named Andrew Bennett, a magician named Zatanna, and Frankenstein’s monster because why not?

This would likely be a horror TV series, and on HBO Max would (hopefully) be unconstrained by ratings guidelines or a need to be “family friendly.” Indeed, if del Toro’s version had gotten off the ground, Warner Bros. would’ve likely restricted the rating to PG-13. But on HBO Max, things can get really weird.

More details will follow on Justice League Dark, including what kind of film element might be involved and if Abrams will do anything other than produce. But finding a home on HBO Max is good news indeed.

The streaming service is due to launch next month.

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