‘Justice League’ Deleted Scene Glimpses Superman’s Black Suit

     February 9, 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for a sneak peek at Justice League‘s one and only deleted scene. Well, the only one you’ll see on the Blu-ray, in any case. DC fans have been hungry for more of Zack Snyder‘s “cut” of the film since Justice League landed in theaters last summer, but as expected, considering the heightened circumstances surrounding Snyder’s departure and the critical lambasting that followed Joss Whedon‘s salvaged cut, the upcoming Justice League Blu-ray is chock full of features — but real skimpy on extended or deleted footage.

There’s no director’s commentary, no extended cut, and just one deleted scene, called “The Return of Superman.” With the home video release just around the corner,  glimpse at the scene has popped up online, and it offers a peek at what is almost certainly a Snyder moment (peep Henry Cavill’s totes legit upper lip) and it also offers an answer to the black suit mystery that has been plaguing fans since Cavill shared a tease on social media. The scene shows Clark heading back to the Kryptonian ship after his resurrection and eyeing a hall of super-suits. One of those suits is — you guessed it! — the iconic black suit and it gets quite the glamour shot, twirling in a reverent, glowing backlight as the Hans Zimmer theme swells in the background. There’s also a quick glance at what looks like a super-space suit, so speculate wildly about that in the comments.

Justice League arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13. Check out the deleted scene snippet below.


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