Watch: Fan-Made ‘Justice League’ Trailer Combines Hype and Hope

     July 7, 2016


The wait for the Justice League movie is long (it’s set to debut in November 2017), and given the shuffling around at Warner Bros. in the wake of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s woes, we have no idea what it might look like. (Just please let it be good). There have been suggestions that it will have a much lighter tone than the last two big DC outings, but by 2017 we could have Donald Trump as President — anything is possible.

YouTuber Stu Whitten is tired of waiting around though, and has created his own Justice League trailer, which is pretty good given that we have almost no footage to go on. He incorperates a lot from Batman v Superman, of course, but also a few tidbits from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. That Flash footage is from Injustice 2, which I find pretty hilarious. Ezra Miller’s Flash, and his appearance in Batman v Superman, have not been particularly well-received, with his brief moments in the latter being particularly maligned. So while Aquaman footage from Batman v Superman makes it in (to great effect), Flash is sourced elsewhere. (And it looks much better).

Check out the trailer below:

The “I am Darkseid” at the end is also a great addition (and comes from an animated version), but the real villain of Justice League will be Steppenwolf, who made a brief appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’s the harbinger of Darkseid, which shows the grand scheme for this growing DC cinematic universe.

The trailer isn’t perfect, but it’s not a bad effort — great soundtrack choice, too! It also brings a little hype to a project that is increasingly uncertain. Let us know what you think of it, and also what your thoughts are about the upcoming movie — what are you hoping to see? (Or not see?)

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