Collider Heroes: Will ‘Justice League’ Feature the New Gods?

     July 6, 2016

Welcome to the 64th Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests John Campea, Robert Meyer Burnett, and Comic Book Girl 19! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Wednesday July 6th, 2016) we discuss:

  • 13 foot Captain America statue to be erected in Brooklyn for 75th anniversary
  • Remembering the very first Lois Lane, Noel Neill
  • Minor Mutations
  • Flashback: Catwoman
  • Spotlight: Longshot
  • Twitter questions


Image via Warner Bros.

Justice League & The New Gods

With the Justice League over a year and a half away, let’s talk about the clues, the hints, the facts and the realities that have been set up so far. Are we going to see Superman and Green Lantern? How will the Flash serve the storyline? What does Cyborg have to do with the Mother Boxes? Will the New Gods be the main storyline, or will it be the battle with the Amazonians and the Atlanteans? How does Steepenwolf and Darkseid factor into all this? Let’s start to make some educated guesses.

13 foot Bronze Captain America Statue in Brooklyn for 75th Anniversary

captain-america-winter-soldier-chris-evans-113-foot bronze statue of Captain America will be unveiled at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, and then make its way to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park which will be its permanent home; as part of the 75th anniversary for the beloved character. “For the past 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans serving as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength and doing the right thing,” said Paul Gitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, to USA Today. Let’s talk about this statue, and what it means for other heroes and monuments, like the Superman Statue in Metropolis Illinois. What does this say about our culture?

A Moment of Reflection – Noel Neill (1920-2016)

Noel Neill was the very first Lois Lane on the silver screen in several serials alongside Kirk Alyn as the first Superman, and then she went on to be the Lois Lane for the incredibly popular Adventures of Superman 1950’s television series starring George Reeves. Noel also appeared in the 1978 Superman, the 80’s Superboy series, the Seinfeld “Hindsight” episode, and the 2006 Superman Returns.

Minor Mutations:

  1. Preacher renewed for 13 episode 2nd season on AMC!
  2. Anna Kendrick wants to play Squirrel Girl!
  3. Kevin Smith will direct another Episode of The Flash
  4. Chris Hemsworth arrives on set in Australia for Thor: Ragnarok
  5. First clip from The Killing Joke on DC All Access!
  6. Martian Manhunter is definitely back in Supergirl
  7. Tarzan makes a #2 at the Box Office with $44 million
  8. Jared Leto flies to London for 24 hours, is The Joker in Justice League?

Image via Warner Bros.

Flashback – Catwoman (2004)

Meow!! This superhero movie was a major departure from the Batman films, in that it was a separate universe, unconnected to the nippled Bat-Clooney or the Nolan-verse Batman worlds. This world is one from the mind of director Pitof, and it starred Halle Berry as Patience Phillips aka the new Catwoman! Patience works at evil Sharon Stone’s cosmetic factory, overhears some bad side effects from their products usage – and then drowns. She’s then magically revived by a mystical Egyptian cat which then gives her super powered catlike, slinky abilities – a skimpy hyper sexualized outfit; and then drinks milk at a dance club. She is told she is one of a long line of Cat Women. At least Halle went to the Razzie Awards. And with her Oscar in hand, accepted the Razzie in person. That takes some major stones.

Spotlight: Longshot

This week’s Spotlight is on Longshot, a marvel character introduced in his own limited series in 1985 and created by Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams. Longshot is a mutant from another dimension, who has the power of probability manipulation, not unlike Wanda’s hex powers, but manifests more as extreme good luck. Longshot could not remember that he was an artificially created, genetically engineered slave mutant in a dystopian world run by the evil media mogul spider-slug called Mojo; and was given a free mind so that he would eventually rebel. Longshot briefly joined the X-Men, and had a very unique look. With three fingers that throw blades, knives, and spikes with lucky ability along with pouches and a glowing star eye way before Liefeld made them famous, he also sports a mullet that just won’t quit. Longshot has bounced around a bunch of X-Books over the last few decades. Can Longshot work in a television series or a feature film?

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