New ‘Justice League’ Posters Add Mustache-Less Superman to the Team

     November 22, 2017


Warner Bros. has released a pair of new-ish Justice League posters that add Superman to the mix. Surprise! But not really, because Henry Cavill was always listed as part of the cast, shared teases on social media during filming, and took part in the junket. So yeah, not a spoiler.

It’s actually kind of neat that when putting together the Alex Ross-inspired posters for Justice League, Warner Bros. also made sure to include Cavill’s Superman for a later addition. Indeed, Superman is in Justice League, he’s just not front and center. I will say seeing his costume shine as genuinely colorful was a nice change of pace from the muted tones of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whatever you think of those movies, you have to admit it’s neat to see a really blue Superman suit in Justice League.

The only thing missing from these posters now is a great, big, glorious mustache. The CGI used to edit out Cavill’s Mission: Impossible 6 mustache—which Paramount contractually prevented him from shaving during Justice League reshoots—is wildly distracting, to the point that I’d rather just see the footage of a mustachioed Superman acting out all the scenes rather than that creepy, rubbery lip. Alas.

Check out the new Justice League Superman posters below and click here to catch up on all of our Justice League coverage thus far.


Image via Warner Bros.

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