New ‘Justice League’ Spot Amps Up the Humor

     October 30, 2017


Warner Bros. has released a new Justice League spot that shows off some new bits of footage from the highly anticipated superhero film. This spot provides context to one piece of Flash footage they’ve been using a lot, as we see the other side of that conversation has Ben Affleck’s Batman explaining how Ezra Miller’s Flash will know when he’s ready to do battle.

It’s a humorous clip and the entire spot really amps up the color and humor of the film, which obviously has been something that Warner Bros. has been leaning on since last summer’s “sizzle reel” was released at Comic-Con. Indeed, while Joss Whedon has a co-writer credit on the script and oversaw the directing of the reshoots, we know from last summer’s sizzle reel that a lighter tone was always part of the Justice League plan. It’ll be interesting to see if Whedon came in and added even more humor, or if we’ll even be able to tell the difference between the Zack Snyder-helmed scenes and Whedon’s reshoots. Regardless, I continue to be incredibly curious about this film.

Check out the new Justice League TV spot below. The film also stars Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Ciaran Hinds, and J.K. Simmons. Justice League opens in theaters on November 17th.

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