‘Justice Warriors’ Trailer Brings the Cop-Centric Dystopian Comedy Series to Life

     August 10, 2020


The last few years have given us nothing if not plenty of fodder for satire, dark comedy, and skewed views on everything from corrupt politicians, to global pandemics, to systemic fractures in the foundations of our supposedly great institutions. Heavy stuff, right? So much so that any comedic takes on these horrors are met with a welcome sigh of relief and an awkward fit of laughter. I experienced both while watching the trailer for indie animator Ben Clarkson‘s new original title, Justice Warriors,which you can watch for yourself below!

In Clarkson’s own words, Justice Warriors is “the only cop show you’ll still feel comfortable watching” right now. That’s why the award-winning artist and animator — his darkly absurdist takes on society have appeared on Time.com, NPR and Vice — has taken to Kickstarter to give the show the best chance at finding its community and its funding. The campaign, newly launched today, aims to raise US$54,000 (CAD$72,000) to produce five 11-minute episodes, which will only be available to backers. The campaign runs until Friday September 11th, and it’s already well on its way to being funded.

So what makes Justice Warriors special at this stage and in this particular time? As Clarkson states, the series draws “influences from The Simpsons, Judge Dredd and The Wire, [using] a futuristic setting – a world of climate change, wealth inequality and police brutality – to hold a mirror up to our own times. Justice Warriors is the perfect cop show for the era of COVID, climate change and Black Lives Matter.” We couldn’t agree more!

View the trailer here:

Ultra-violent and irreverent, this subversive satire will be the first animated series from Ben Clarkson Studios, best known for making music videos featuring French Montana, Showtek and R.A.P. Ferreira.

Why Kickstarter?

“If we can bring together a group of people who want to make this show, we don’t need network support. We can do it ourselves and make what we want to make, together. It’s part of the message behind the whole show, that there is life outside the Bubble.”

Be sure to head to the Kickstarter campaign page for more info, a list of rewards, and most importantly, to contribute in any way that you can!