JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Get Drew”

     March 12, 2013

justified timothy olyphant

After pretty much everyone in KY figured out who Drew Thompson is last week, this episode saw folks on both sides of the law in a mad dash to get to him first.  “Get Drew” is a fitting title as the dragnet tightened and everyone from Raylan to our old friends from Noble’s Holler made their moves on KY’s most wanted.  The question now is who will make it out of Harlan alive?  More on this week’s Justified after the jump. 

jim beaver timothy olyphant justified Appropriately, this was a very Jim Beaver heavy episode.  Most likely we will not be seeing him after this season and he’ll certainly leave a void in the Justified universe.  He’s one of the great TV character actors and his turns on Deadwood, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, and shit, even Harper’s Island (in which he also played a sheriff) were immensely enjoyable.  He’s a Marine and Vietnam vet who oozes authenticity no matter what role he’s taking on.  And he’s one of those guys who makes other actors better, y’know?  When Olyphant shares a scene with Beaver, he always seems to give it more. And Abby Miller has never been better than in her intimate conversations with Shelby.

Back at his office, he was fully prepared to send Ellen May off on a bus and just hope she makes it to safety.  The sight of a lost dog changes his mind and also reflects the changes in attitude that Drew has undergone since he became Shelby.  As Art eloquently puts it later in the episode, Drew is a badass and you’ve got to recognize that.  He shot Theo, threw someone out of a plane while he was flying it, and became a lawman twice while he was a fugitive.  That’s Drew.  Shelby Parlow, on the other hand, has a heart for the weak in this world, like lost dogs and Ellen May.  Seeing him scared for his life, handcuffed to a tractor as Nick Augustine arrives for his pound of flesh, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the old guy.

Limehouse, we missed you.  I feared with only a few episodes left we’d wouldn’t be graced with the awesome presence of Mykelti Williamson.  What an entrance too.  Blood splattered apron, wiping a bloody blade on his sleeve – oh hell yes.  After being robbed of his “piggy bank” last season, he sees the Shelby/Ellen May situation as a way to acquire a wealth of cash quickly.  Judging by his recurring dream of flying the folks of Noble’s Holler outta town, Limehouse has some retirement plans of his own.

timothy olyphant justifiedBut since the marshals got to Drew before Augustin, the Crowder camp is out a cool $300,000 of their retirement savings.  Now all parties are just going trying to get out of Harlan alive before the Detroit hammer smashes his way into town.  Boyd wants to run.  Duffy is abandoning the trailer for Canada.  Raylan recognizes a storm is on the way. With a couple of episodes left, we could be in for one epic showdown.  Hang on to your butts and see ya next week.

Last Call 

  • MOST BADASS MOMENT: Shelby calling Colt a “junkie pussy.”  It was an attempt to get Colt to shoot him, sure, but badass nonetheless.
  • BEST ONE-LINER: “You can still shoot people and be an asshole – two of your favorite things.” – Boyd to Raylan.
  • SECOND BEST ONE-LINER: “You didn’t get cut in half by Bo’s shotgun because of Boyd, you got shot because that’s the shit that happens when you choose to live life as a small town asshole.” – Raylan to Johnny.
  • Ellen May spitting on Ava has got to be one of the most baneful and heartbreaking moments of the season.
  • Of course Limehouse already knew Shelby is Drew.  He’s probably known all along.
  • Shelby’s talk about how his cocaine kept food on the Crowder table harkens back to the theme of dealing with the sins of the father.  Trying to break free of this cyclical life of crime isn’t going so well for Boyd and Ava, huh?
  • With all of their happily-ever-after talk and shit now going horribly wrong, I have a really bad feeling about the Crowders.  Boyd and Ava looked shockingly desperate as they settled on which body to choose at Limehouse’s.  I don’t think they’d get rid of Walton Goggins, but Ava may be in a prison by season’s end.  Ellen May may see to that.
  • I don’t recall any scenes between Raylan and Johnny in seasons past.  Shame there isn’t more because the one tonight was fantastic.  Johnny’s speech about Boyd’s hypocrisy was full of venom.