Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher Team for WHAT WOULD KENNY DO?

     March 30, 2011


In what some might read as a sign of the impending apocalypse, Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher are poised to team for the buddy comedy What Would Kenny Do?.  I am not among the prophets of doom, in part because the script by Chris Baldi (which made the 2008 Black List of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays) has a great hook: “A teenager meets a hologram claiming to be the adult version of himself; the hologram then helps guide the teen through high school.”  Bieber would play the teen, Kutcher the hologram.  Sony Pictures is currently looking a new writer to rewrite the script, so maybe it won’t sound quite so fresh at the end of the development process.  More after the break:

24 Frames reports What Would Kenny Do? is set up at Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.  Overbrook has developed the project with Bieber in mind for months now with the original intention to shoot this year.  Bieber’s full touring schedule, however, could push filming to 2012 at the earliest.ashton-kutcher-image

Kutcher’s involvement sounds less certain, though he has spoken publicly of his fondness for Bieber and a desire to collaborate.  Addressing the possibility of a Punk’d revival, Kutcher said:

“I really can’t talk about it because everything’s sort of in process. It’s a possibility that it could be happening. I will not be hosting the show in the future. People were afraid I was going to punk them wherever I went and I’m starting to get invited to stuff again and it’s actually a good thing. I’ll be involved in some capacity if we do it and there could be a new host but I can’t say a whole lot.

[Justin Bieber] is a nice kid and he’s a funny kid — and people don’t know he’s a funny kid yet… and he’s sneaky. And I like sneaky people.” [Perez Hilton]

Kutcher will next be seen (not necessarily by me)  in the ensemble holiday comedy New Year’s Eve, scheduled for release on December 9.

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