Justin Long Joins James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn in the Robert Redford Period-Drama THE CONSPIRATOR

     October 13, 2009


After excelling in comedy, horror, and making Mac users look like smug douchebags, Justin Long will now attempt to try his hand at drama by signing on to Robert Redford’s “The Conspirator” also starring James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn.  The story is about Confederate sympathizer Mary Surratt (Wright Penn) who was tried as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  James McAvoy plays the reluctant attorney forced to represent her at a military tribunal (144-year Spoiler Alert: He didn’t do a very good job because Surratt was not only executed, but holds the dubious distinction of being the first woman executed in the United States).  Hit the jump to find out how Long figures into the conspiracy.

According to THR, Long would play a soldier who lost a limb in the Civil War and serves as McAvoy’s best friend and conscience.  While some people always have trouble seeing a comedian take on a dramatic role, they’re usually pretty good at it.  My largest concern for Long is how much longer he’ll do the “I’m a Mac” ads because he’s a talented comedian and I think his reputation should extend beyond those crappy commercials where John Hodgman is funnier and more charming even though he’s Windows (which isn’t a PC and isn’t the only OS a PC can run).


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