Kal Penn Leaving White House to Film HAROLD & KUMAR 3 This Summer (A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS)

     March 31, 2010

harold_and_kumar_escape_from_guantanamo_bay_movie_image_john_cho_and_kal_penn.jpgWhat’s more important, a job in the Obama White House or making sure the world get a third Harold & Kumar movie?  Well, thankfully for all fans of great stoner comedies, Kal Penn has apparently chosen the latter.

Deadline is reporting that filming on the third film in the franchise that began with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle will begin filming by summer, with New Line about to hire a director and considering making the movie 3-D (I can’t say I’m terribly thrilled about that last part, but maybe 3-D pot smoke can give you a contact buzz.)  And since the duo has already gotten high with W. in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, it’s a pretty solid bet that Santa and the boys will be toking up in the third movie, which will be a “holiday” flick for release in 2011 or 2012.

Co-star John Cho revealed the title of the third movie, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and what it’s about in a Collider interview you can watch here.

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