Last Chance to Support ‘Kamikaze’ & Bring the Smash-Hit Webcomic to Life Through Animation

     December 9, 2019

Kamikaze, described as “a love letter to animation and comics”, is an award-winning webcomic that’s been going strong for five years. Now, the creative team has assembled A-listers from the world of animation, comics writing and illustration, and voice acting to bring the futuristic sci-fi world of Kamikaze to life. And you can be part of this history-making moment by chipping in for the project’s Kickstarter campaign. But you’ll have to act fast; it wraps up tomorrow!

For the uninitiated, Kamikaze is basically “If Mad Max and Batman Beyond raised a kid.” The story follows a young courier turned fledgling covert operative–Name: Markesha Nin. Call sign: Kamikaze–in a setting that takes place 200 years after the fall of civilization:

Equipped with a backpack that allows her to defy gravity, her mission is to tip the scale of power in the dystopian city she calls home. But the only thing Markesha wants to do is leave town with her father for a better life somewhere, ANYWHERE, else. The last thing Markesha is prepared for is her alter-ego Kamikaze becoming a symbol of rebellion for the city she only wants to escape. But if it pays the bills and it keeps her and her father safe she’ll become the hero her city needs.

That story is set to continue not just in the webcomic but in an animated short entitled “Embrace the Fire” as well as the team’s guest-creator driven anthology series “Short Circuits.” Check out the Kickstarter project’s page here for more info and watch the video below: