Kate Beckinsale talks about Whiteout, Winged Creatures, Nothing But the Truth and Underworld

     February 27, 2008

This afternoon I attended the press day for the upcoming David Gordon Green movie “Snow Angels.” In the coming days I’ll have interviews with the cast, as well as an exclusive interview with David, but until then, I decided to pull some quotes from what Kate said about some of her upcoming projects.

For me, the highlight of the conversation was talking about Whit Stillman. While it was a roundtable interview, I was the one asking about Whit.

If you don’t know his name, he’s directed three great movies (”Metropolitan,” “Barcelona,” and “The Last Days of Disco”) and they were all made in the 90’s. Since Kate was one of the leads “Last Days of Disco” and that was his last movie, I figured maybe she had some info on what was up with the reclusive filmmaker. While she did shed a bit of light on what might be up with him, it’s nothing concrete and nothing to get worked up over.

Anyway, she did speak about her other upcoming projects and most of you will find those a hell of a lot more interesting than a filmmaker you’ve probably never heard of. So until I get the transcripts done, here’s part of what Kate said.

“Snow Angels” opens in New York on March 7th and it expands in the weeks after.

Question: How was your experience on Whiteout?

Kate Beckinsale: As far from this as it’s possible to be, really. I was a federal marshal in a chic fur hat. That’s a Joel Silver movie. You guys (talking to David Gordon Green) are not that similar. You look alike but you’re actually not. Yeah, it’s more of a- – there’s not an opportunity to go as deeply into a character because the character is a cartoon, a comic book. The movie feels much more on those kind of levels that it’s much more external than internal. It’s a different kind of experience.

Q: What about referring to the graphic novel?

Kate: I’m a big reader so I’m very happy with the written word. I’m an academic geek who likes reading a lot so I love a book. But again, graphic novels, it’s nice to have extra resources to play with. Every time you can get your hands on anything that gives you a bit more clue about what you’re supposed to do, I don’t think actors ever really should know exactly what they’re doing.

Q: What’s going on with Whit Stillman?

Kate: I heard he’s been spotted in Paris and I think he moved to Paris. I saw him a couple years ago and I think he was talking about making another movie. So that’s as far as I know. Yeah, he was. He wrote a movie. He wrote a movie and I don’t know if it’s gotten made yet, but he’s a mysterious cat.

Q: He’s an excellent filmmaker.

Kate: He’s a great filmmaker. I had an amazing experience with him but he’s definitely a mysterious guy so I don’t know.

Q: Can you talk about your characters in the other two upcoming films?

Kate: In Winged Creatures I play a single mother who’s a waitress in a diner who witnesses a random shooting murder and becomes affected with post traumatic stress and starts harming her baby. Another light comedy. Then Nothing But the Truth, I play a journalist who exposes somebody she knows as a covert CIA operative and is taken to the grand jury to reveal the source and won’t, goes to jail. It’s not Judith Miller. It sounds like Judith Miller but it’s not actually Judith Miller. Kind of a little bit like that.

Q: What was it like working with Rod Lurie?

Kate: Amazing. I’ve been so lucky. I’ve played with such great directors this year. I don’t know what horoscope that came under. Rod is great, fantastic. He’s similar to David in that he’s not like you are which is so utterly not possessive about his stuff because he writes his scripts also. That makes you so amazingly respectful of his vision because he is so generous and so wants you to personalize it and color it in. It’s such a treat. A great, great experience.

Q: The producer of Underworld says there’s room for more sequels after this prequel.

Kate: Oh, did they? That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Q: Would you be up for it?

Kate: I think what I’d really like, just for women in general, is I’d like to do a Bruce Willis and get to 50 and then do that, but I don’t think anyone wants to see my 50-year-old ass. We’ll see.

Q: Is there a cameo in the prequel?

Kate: They’re shooting it right now. It’s in New Zealand so probably not, but it’s a family movie. My daughter’s dad is the lead and my husband’s producing it so I feel like we’ve got the family franchise going.

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