Watch: Kate McKinnon’s Gal Gadot Impression Is Spot-On

     December 6, 2017


Justin Bieber. Kellyanne Conway. Ellen DeGeneres. Hilary Clinton. When it comes to impressions, Saturday Night Live MVP Kate McKinnon can do it all. And now she can add a new name to the list — Gal Gadot.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, McKinnon revealed her Gadot impression and some thoughts on the Israeli actress’ wow-worthy presence. “She’s like… not that special, right?” McKinnon joked. “Everything she says is like a prophecy,” she continued. As you may remember, the Wonder Woman star hosted SNL earlier this season, and according to McKinnon, she made quite the impression on the team with everything from bonding exercises to mortgage advice.

Watch McKinnon’s delightful Gadot impression below, and check out a few more of her impressive works in the videos that follow including, a screaming goat, “squeezing into and buttoning a pair of tight pants,” “stepping on a Christmas ornament,”  and my personal favorite, “falling down two flights of stairs.”

“Kate McKinnon shows off her amazing Gal Gadot impression and reveals what it was like to work with her on SNL.”