Watch: Kate Winslet and Stephen Colbert Fix the Ending to ‘Titanic’

     December 1, 2017


It’s kind of amazing that a film that hit theaters 20 years ago still continues to tap into the pop cultural zeitgeist this heavily, but Titanic is a very special beast. The film famously stood as the highest grossing movie of all time until Avatar came along, over a decade later, and its impact continues to this day. That, of course, extends to continued ribbing over the emotional climax, in which Kate Winslet’s Rose holds Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack while he freezes to death, hogging that darn door. Filmmaker James Cameron has explained a thousand times over how, scientifically, there was no room for both characters on the door (it would sink), but that hasn’t stopped this easy joke from circulating.

And when Winslet was on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she was peppered with lightning round trivia questions about Titanic, after which she and Stephen Colbert reenacted the door scene and “proved” they could both fit. It’s a funny cap to what’s actually a pretty interesting and entertaining conversation. Winslet confirms that Paramount wanted Matthew McConaughey for the role of Jack, revealing that she actually auditioned with McConaughey at one point. I cannot for the life of me imagine McConaughey in that role, and indeed Cameron got his way with DiCaprio and the rest is history.

The Oscar-winner also addresses other Titanic tidbits from the clunky dialogue to covering her son’s eyes during her nude scene while watching the film’s 3D re-release a few years back.

Honestly, I still kind of love Titanic. It’s a grand piece of classical filmmaking, and I think because the film is this larger-than-life behemoth it’s made it uncool to actually like it. Well call me uncool, cause I still dig it.

Check out the clip below.

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