Katherine Heigl Counts ONE FOR THE MONEY

     February 8, 2010


Katherine Heigl plus a best-selling book series plus a character who is a lingerie buyer/bounty hunter adds up to a very promising prospect for Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment.  According to Variety, the Grey’s Anatomy star is attached to play the role of Stephanie Plum in the adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money.  The book spent 75 consecutive weeks on USA Today’s best seller list and has spawned 15 novels, each of which have a number theme.

While she has yet to make a smash box office hit stateside (Knocked Up‘s success is generally attributed to Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow), Heigl’s romantic comedies have done well proportional to their budgets.  Her most recent film, The Ugly Truth, grossed $205 million worldwide off a $38 million budget.  This was a much greater succcess than her 2006 film, Zyzzyx Road, which cost $2 million but only made $30.  That’s $30.00, not $30 million.

Heigl will next appear alongside Ashton Kutcher in the action-comedy Killers, which is set to hit theaters on June 4th.

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