Keanu Reeves Guilty of HENRY’S CRIME

     August 31, 2009


Keanu Reeves is known for many things.  He’s so zen that many consider his brain is on stand-by.  He will always be known for fantastic action movies like “Point Blank”, “Speed”, and “The Matrix”.  I also know him because I come to his defense every time someone says he can’t act and then I have to tell them to watch “The Gift” even though I don’t think it’s a very good film but I think Reeves is one of the few positive contributions.

But I wouldn’t say Keanu is known for comedy.  Oh, he’s had some hilarious films but I’m pretty sure movies like “Johnny Mnemonic”, “The Watcher”, and “Chain Reaction”, weren’t intentionally comedic.  Now it looks like Keanu is going to try and make us laugh with “Henry’s Crime”.  Find out if you can enjoy Keanu without irony after the jump.


Variety reports that in “Henry’s Crime”, Reeves will play a bighearted man who is falsely accused of robbing a bank in Buffalo in the Capraesque romantic comedy scripted by Sacha Gervasi who made his directing debut with the acclaimed documentary “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”.  Capraesque can easily veer into a full-blown diabetes brought on by more saccharine that the body can handle but if it’s handled well, like in 2001’s “The Majestic”, it can be a rather charming movie.  I know Keanu can play bighearted but is he funny?  Can he pratfall?  Is he going to be like Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night” and charm his way into our hearts along with a leading lady who can match his wits?  Can audiences believe that Keanu Reeves has charm and wit?

I’m going to keep defending Keanu although I’m not exactly sure why.  He certainly refuses to stick to one genre even though he’s found his greatest success in action movies.  But since he’s the poster boy for flat acting, he keeps getting hit with tomatoes although there are worse actors out there who hardly ever challenge themselves.  It’s also tough for Keanu since it seems like he only makes a resurgence after a string of flops, will have one massively successive film, and then repeat the pattern.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pull a Chris Crocker and shoot a video with me screaming for people to leave Keanu alone.

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