Keanu Reeves Jokes about Making BILL & TED 3; Makes Alex Winter Cry

     March 8, 2010

Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (3).jpg

On the red carpet of last night’s Academy Awards, MTV asked Keanu Reeves if there was any hope for a third Bill & Ted movie.  When interviewer Josh Horowitz said Keanu should make another excellent adventure, Reeves joked “I’m trying!”  Horowitz then asked if Reeves was joking (because the actor’s gigantic grin was apparently too cryptic), Reeves said he wasn’t joking and as for the movie, “We’ll see.”

At least 90% of the time, no actor will ever flat-out say they’ll never make a sequel to one of their hit films.  It’s smart for an actor to leave every door open, even if there’s almost zero chance he or she will ever walk through it (no matter how much Alex Winter is pleading on the other side).

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