New Details on PASSENGERS Starring Keanu Reeves and Directed by Gabrielle Muccino

     May 16, 2010

As we reported back in January, Keanu Reeves is teaming up with Pursuit of Happyness director Gabrielle Muccino for the sci-fi love story Passengers.  Today, with the selling of rights over the film, new details have come to light.  With a budget of $90 million, the producers are saying the film is like “Adam & Eve in Space.”  Allow me to weave THR‘s synopsis with what we already knew: Set in the future on an interstellar spaceship, a mechanic (Reeves) accidentally awakens from pod hibernation 20 years into a 120-year journey and gets lonely and only has “robots and androids” for company.  That is until he decides he doesn’t want to die alone and wakes up a female passenger.

Hit the jump for more details on the project and my slightly-less-than-positive reaction to them.

Setting aside that Reeves’ character already seems like a selfish creep, here are some lines from THR’s story that give me pause:

The pic also will have a couple of comedic roles and set designs created by some of the wizards who worked on “Avatar.”

So if you’re expecting the cerebral sci-fi of a flick like Moon, don’t.  But, if you thought the story of Adam & Eve was a rollicking good time (it does have talking animals), then maybe that’s not so bad. And it gets better:

[Producer] Jim Robinson said the film is essentially a love story but with sophisticated robotics, a crusty older character a la Tommy Lee Jones and a comic humanoid servant a la Eddie Izzard. (Those roles too have yet to be cast.)

“Why put in the ‘but'”?  I believe all love stories feature a crusty older character a la Tommy Lee Jones and a comic humanoid servant a la Eddie Izzard.  And really, aren’t all characters better when you can base them off an actor’s type-casting rather than a clearly defined personality?

But this is the money quote:

“I think of the picture as having the after-taste of ‘Titanic’ — but everyone lives,” said producer Jim Robinson.

What does the after-taste of Titanic taste like?  Is it salty?  Hypothermic?  Drown-y?  But it’s good to know that if you liked Titanic but thought it was too much a downer, Passengers is for you.

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