WANDERLUST Stars Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio Give Update on Horror Movie BURNT; Confirm They’re Also Writing a Horror-Comedy

     March 7, 2012


While you may not be familiar with the names Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio, you’ve most certainly seen their work. Both actors are veterans of the sketch group The State, and have appeared in The State reunion-esque films Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models and most recently Wanderlust. Marino co-wrote Wanderlust and Role Models with director David Wain, and now Marino and Lo Truglio are apparently working in an entirely different genre: horror. We previously heard about their straight-horror movie Burnt last April. Appearing on Q&A Podcast with Jeff Goldsmith, Lo Truglio confirmed that Burnt is written and they’re working on another horror movie now:

“We wrote the horror movie, and we’re trying to write now a comedy/horror movie we’re doing a new pass of.”

Hit the jump for more on both projects, including what kind of horror movies we can expect.

burnt-ken-marino-jo-lo-truglioThey previously revealed that Burnt centers on as they revealed that it concerns a city girl who’s rescued by a lonely giant, only to be attacked by a group of escaped convicts while laying low inside a cabin in the woods. Lo Truglio expanded on what to expect from the straight horror movie (via The Playlist):

“[The horror movie] is called Burnt, and it’s out there and hopefully will get made at some point. But that’s a more kinda traditional horror movie like Frankenstein meets Last House on the Left meets Friday The 13th, something like that. And the other one is more of a horror comedy.”

While horror is definitely a departure for the two, it’s not hard to see them making a pair of highly entertaining movies. Though I was a bit disappointed by Wanderlust (the mix of goofy and sweet that was so expertly on display in Wet Hot and Role Models didn’t seem as well blended), the duo always turns in something unexpected. As for the horror-comedy, Marino revealed that they’re still working on the title:

“Used to be People Will Die. Then it just became The Werewolf Movie, Untitled Werewolf Story. Werewolves On A Tropical Island.”

I think we can safely assume that the movie involves werewolves, but I’m partial to the original title. I sincerely hope at least one of these two films comes to fruition, as we can most likely expect a bevy of fun cameos. The duo is pretty busy at the moment (Marino is currently working on a fourth season of Children’s Hospital), but hopefully they find time to finish up the scripts and get things moving. Until then, I leave you with this gem from Wet Hot American Summer:

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