Over 25 Images from Ken Taylor’s Mondo Gallery Show in Austin

     May 31, 2014


The Mondo Gallery’s Ken Taylor show has hit Austin in the beginning of  the scorching summer.  Around 70 people waited in line and braved the heat to check out some awesome limited edition posters and originals for sale.  The walls were filled with prints and originals for sale for properties such as No Country for Old Men, Children of MenNosferatu, This Island Earth, Das Boot, Predator, Frankenstein, Fight Club and more.  Hit the jump for photos of the gallery show.

My personal piece of the show by far was No Country for Old Men.  This particular print had been created for an Alamo Drafthouse rolling roadshow event back in 2011 (you can see the date and location on the print itself), but for whatever reason – presumably because of licensing  – the finished artwork was set aside for another time.  We saw a glimpse of the piece in a book Mondo released back in 2013 called the Mondonomicon in which a small portion was printed on a few pages.  Seeing that small glimpse out of the book blew my mind, and I prayed every day that Mondo would release a print of it. Today was the day.

Ken Taylor also had some fantastic originals.  The Fight Club pieces were excellently executed with dense line work.

If you’re in Austin, check out the Mondo gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St.  The show runs until the end of June.In addition, if you stop by the gallery today after noon, Taylor will be doing a signing.

Below are some photos including a few macro shots to show off detail.

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