Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson Talk PEEPLES, Branching Out from their Comfort Zones, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2, and More

     May 9, 2013


There’s an interesting pairing schematic to this week’s Tyler Perry produced comedy Peeples. Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington star as a seemingly perfect couple… The only hitch: she’s yet to introduce her beau to the family (David Alan Grier & S. Epatha Merkerson). Both Robinson and Grier are primarily thought of as comedians, the former – a utility player in pretty much every comedy of the past five years, the latter – a founding member of one of the great sketch comedy shows: In Living Color. Their other halves however are played by dramatic actresses: Washington – the elusive object of affection in Django Unchained, Merkerson – the longest running cast member of Law & Order. The intermingling of drama and comedy performers lends the film a strong balance as a ‘dramedy’. Sure Peeples is a familiar riff on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner/Meet the Parents; but it’s also a surprisingly charming film – and that can all be attributed to the cast and their interplay within.

In the following interview with Robinson and Washington, the duo discuss how Peeples allowed them to branch out from their comfort zones and how they choose film projects given their heavy television schedules. Robinson also discusses his penchant for playing children’s teachers (the comedian has a background in education) and gives a brief update on the status of Hot Tub Time Machine 2. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson:

  • What is it about the mixing of comedy and music.  They talk about how the script didn’t originally have this mix and how it came about.
  • They talk about how this project is a different look for both of them.
  • How they started filming in a house and they didn’t have trailers.
  • Washington talks about how they shot this before her TV series Scandal
  • How they’re careful about what projects they do because they have limited time with their TV schedule
  • Robinson talks about how he’s also going to play a teacher on TV soon.  What is it about that dynamic that interests him.
  • What’s the status of Hot Tub Time Machine 2?


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