Kevin Conroy, Rob Paulsen and Cal Dodd Team with Andrea Romano for New Animated Series

     November 30, 2017


So what do the Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Wolverine all have in common? Well, for one thing, the famous voice actors behind the iconic animated 90s characters will be reuniting under the direction of Andrea Romano, who is coming out of her recent retirement for a new project. Kevin ConroyRob Paulsen, and Cal Dodd are all onboard for The Gang’s All Here, a new animated series being co-developed by Paulsen and Byron Burton.

The news comes courtesy of THR where Burton, a college dropout, is also a contributor. The Gang’s All Here got started in an unconventional way, by Burton approaching Paulsen at a fan convention with the pitch. Now that doesn’t give everyone out there the green light to throw your ideas at every actor/writer/director attending fan conventions, but hey, it’s bound to work some of the time. The important part of the equation here is that Burton did his share of the legwork and reached out to other talent, including Conroy and Romano. This means that The Gang’s All Here is building the series around the talent, an unusual approach for animation. As Conroy put it, “It’s certainly unique for me, because it’s getting involved with the creative people earlier as the package is being put together.”


Image via DC Entertainment

As THR reports, “The Gang’s All Here, [aimed at adults and adolescents], centers on an animal cast of actors as they star in their own films and navigate the pitfalls of the entertainment industry.” The sale of the series will depend on the creative team’s own celebrity, but just in case you don’t recognize the names involved, I’ll break them down for you:

  • Conroy, best known for voicing the 90s version of Batman from the Romano-directed Batman: The Animated Series and continuing to do so even today, will voice a pair of animals: a book-loving, sophisticated, “Frasier Crane-type” bear named Frances, and Barkley the superheroic dog.
  • Paulsen, who has voiced a metric ton of toons over the years, perhaps most notably as numerous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will voice a warthog named Patches who sounds a bit like Christopher Walken.
  • Romano will voice Barkley’s kitty cat sidekick, Meryl. She says of the project, “This is so different than what we’ve been doing in terms of creating things with actors. I think it speaks volumes that I’m willing to look at it when I’d just retired.”
  • Dodd, who played everyone’s favorite Adamantium-infused X-Man Logan/Wolverine on the smash hit 90s animated series, will be voicing Sargent Snout, a gruff-voiced pig commando/action star reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone‘s 80s roles. Oh and he’ll literally voice a wolverine character, which is a nice nod.

We’ll have more on this project once it becomes available, but in the meantime, be sure to share your excitement and enthusiasm with the talent over social media!


Image via Rob Paulsen