Kevin Feige talks Marvel Future Projects like ANT-MAN, IRON MAN 3, THE AVENGERS, LUKE CAGE, THE RUNAWAYS, More!

     December 10, 2010


In an online chat on the L.A. Times website HeroComplex, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, answered a ton of fan submitted questions.  While he didn’t reveal any major Marvel secrets, he did give updates on numerous Marvel projects that are in development.  Some of the projects he talked about were Ant-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Luke Cage, The Runaways, The Punisher, Deadpool, Thor, Captain America, Power Pack, and a few others.  Here’s some of the bullet point highlights:

  • Iron Man will have new armor in The Avengers
  • The upcoming Marvel movies will continue hiding hidden Easter Eggs
  • Says the next 3 years he’s working on Iron Man 3, The Runaways, Ant-Man and The Avengers
  • Don Blake is somehow referenced in Thor
  • Edgar Wright is still working on the screenplay for Ant-Man
  • Mentions his love of Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Luke Cage
  • We should be seeing the Captain America trailer early next year
  • They are working on The Punisher. No word if it’s TV or live-action
  • Wants to bring female heroes to the big screen
  • A very talented writer is currently working on a draft of Iron Fist right now
  • Claims Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in Thor
  • Open to an R-Rated Marvel movie
  • Says some of the upcoming Marvel movies will have after the credit scenes
  • The ten-minute shorts before the features was just a rumor.
  • Says Fox is still working on a Deadpool movie
  • Nick Fury will stay in the modern era
  • No Invaders in Captain America but there will be Howling Commandoes

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kevin_feige_01Mr. Feige, can you tell us more about how the new Iron Man armor will look like in the Avengers or at least the specs. Thanks!

KevinFeige: Hey RealIrOnMaN, you know what, the best part about making an Iron Man movie is deciding which of his many armors to debut. Joss would kill me if I gave anything away, but I will say that the evolution you saw his armor take in IM2 will continue in The Avengers.

In the past, we’ve had nods to upcoming heroes in the movies. For example, Cap’s shield Iron Man 1 & 2. Can we look for things like that in Captain America and/or Thor?

KevinFeige: Thanks Ben, The Thor and Cap movies are really about our distinct origin stories for two of our most famous characters. As long as people are excited to find hidden secrets, we’ll continue to hide them.

Will there be a power pack movie?

KevinFeige: Isa, love Power Pack, Maybe someday!

Will any thing change from th comics to the upcoming movies?

KevinFeige: Trav, the comics is where we always start from and continue to return to for inspirations, but we make slight adjustments where we think appropriate.

After AVENGERS we know you’re looking at IRON MAN 3, THE RUNAWAYS and possibly Edgar Wright’s ANT-MAN. Anything else you care to share?

KevinFeige: FilmbuffRich, Those 4 films are gonna take up the next three years of my life! but don’t worry, we’re always working on more.

Looks like no Don Blake identity like in mainstream comics. Was using Blake ever considered for the film?

KevinFeige: Don’t worry Spidey616, people looking for a reference to Don Blake in the Thor film will find one.

KevinFeige: Gordon, I have not been shy about my love for Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Luke Cage.

KevinFeige: Edgar was here a few days ago. He’s already working on the next draft.

KevinFeige: Hey Alex, working on the Cap trailer now. You should be seeing one in the new year.

Mr. Fiege, are there any plans for the Punisher?

KevinFeige: Alex, Punisher’s back in house, and various plans are in the works.

Thor Trailer is awesome, cant wait for Captain America..what is the status of Iron Fist movie

KevinFeige: Hey Aaron, a very talented writer is currently working on a draft

didn’t know if my first comment came through, so i’m gonna try again :P, is it hard to keep all the continuity together in all these films??

KevinFeige: Hey marvelfandan, our primary job is doing justice to the title characters, but we do have someone who’s got a large chart that spans across his office wall tracking the continuity. It’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll publish it one day.

is there going to be any new heroes in the aveegers film that we dont know about yet? any cameos?

KevinFeige: Adolfo, maybe…

Hey Kevin, any real reason why the old english dialect was abandoned for the Thor movie? fear it wouldn’t work? worked well in romeo + Juliet.

KevinFeige: Hey Jason, as much as I love Stan the man’s Shakespearean dialect, we felt it would be over-bearing. However, our director Kenneth Branagh has a great ear for the English language and I think you’ll find that the Asgardian speak is appropriately regal.

Oh, and greetings from Boston, MA from a HUGE Marvel/Captain America fan! Also, I’d love to see some more Marvel women (besides Black Widow!) get their due in the movies. Maybe Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird…

KevinFeige: Suzanne, I love female heroes too and would love to bring many more to the big screen in the future.

do you think natalie and chris have good chemistry in the movie and will she have a bigger role in coming thor/avengers movies?

KevinFeige: Hey Kara, Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in the film. After an early cut, Bendis told me it was the best romantic chemistry in a Marvel movie.

That last shot in the Thor trailer of him “smashing” the ground and it breaking into a wave…JAW ON THE FLOOR!

kevin_feigeKevinFeige: JxXxR, That’s not even the biggest shot in the movie.

Kevin, are you guys open to R-rated superhero films? Maybe a future Punisher film, kind of like the one from 2004, which i thought was awesome. Also like War zone.

KevinFeige: Alex, We’re definitely open to it. Blade was a great franchise for us.

Are Thor/Cap/Avengers going to have after the credits scenes like Iron Man 1 & 2

KevinFeige: Stereotype, some of them will…

Kev, any word on when we’ll be getting more Cap pics/footage? And what’s the status on the ten-minute shorts before the upcoming films?

KevinFeige: Guest, The shorts rumor was just a rumor, but we do like the idea. More Cap pics coming early next year.

Any chance of seeing Hugo in Red Skull makeup anytime soon?

KevinFeige: Colin, you’ll be seeing it soon enough. And believe me, he looks amazing.

Hi Kevin, is there any concern that Chris Evans may not have the oomph beside RDJ and Hemsworth to lead the avengers? Or will it be a 50/50 split between Cap and Iron Man?

KevinFeige: BenH, Evans owns the screen as Cap and is going to hold his own and then some.

KevinFeige:  LatestWonder, You only see her briefly in the trailer, but Kat Dennings comes close to stealing the film.

ryan-reynolds-deadpoolThanks Geoff. Dear mr Feige, can you tell us anything about the planned Deadpool Movie? Please! we are dying hear in Fear that it will not happen because of busy or “otherwise” used Ryan Reynolds

KevinFeige: Hey Hilmar, as far as I know Fox is working hard on it as we speak.

Kevin, will Nick Fury we be in the WWII parts of Captain America:TFA? Pleas answer.

KevinFeige: TT, we’re keeping Nick Fury as portrayed by the great Sam Jackson just in the modern era for now.

Question regarding Captain America: Will there be any references to the Invaders?

KevinFeige: Chris McAvey, while there’s no Invaders, there’s lots of Howling Commandos!

the lag is slowly destroying me, what will hawkeye look like?

KevinFeige: marvelfandan, he’ll look like Jeremy Renner.

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