Marvel President Kevin Feige Talks Sequels; Reveals Two Unannounced Films in Development

     May 14, 2012


If smashing the opening weekend record by nearly $40 million wasn’t enough to convince you that The Avengers is a juggernaut hit, surely the film crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide in a mere 19 days sealed the deal.  Naturally, all eyes are now on what Marvel Studios has coming up.  Iron Man 3 begins production later this month, and we know that Thor 2 is set to shoot later this year followed by Captain America 2.  Obviously The Avengers 2 will be coming down the line at some point, but I’d imagine the earliest we could see it in theaters would be 2015.  There’s a May 2014 release date slotted for a currently unannounced Marvel pic, but Marvel Studios president recently revealed that there are actually two unnamed films currently in development.  Hit the jump for more.

kevin_feige_iron_man_2_movie_image_set_photo_01First off, here’s a refresher of Marvel’s release schedule that’s been announced thus far:

  • Iron Man 3 on May 3rd, 2013
  • Thor 2 on November 15th, 2013
  • Captain America 2 on April 4th, 2014
  • Untitled Marvel Movie #1 on May 16th, 2014

Feige recently sat down with Bloomberg to talk about the studio’s future, and here’s the quote of interest (via THR) followed by the actual video:

“We want to do two films a year. Avengers is our only film this year, but in a week and a half we begin filming Iron Man 3. By the end of the summer we’ll be working on the next Thor film, early next year the next Captain America film. Those are the three we’ve announced so far; we’ve got two beyond that that we haven’t announced yet, but we’re working on.”

kevin_feigeObviously the addition of another unannounced film in development is interesting, but it’s also noteworthy that Marvel is now pushing to release two films a year.  We had the one-two punch of Thor and Captain America last year, and it appears that that kind of release strategy is Marvel’s goal for the foreseeable future.

Now, on to that other unannounced project.  Rumors have swirled that Untitled Marvel Movie #1 would either be the long-in-development Ant-Man or a Guardians of the Galaxy film.  We know that Edgar Wright has been working on Ant-Man for some time now, and Feige recently told Steve that we should be paying close attention to Wright’s tweets in the coming months for news on that project.  Wright just committed to directing the third entry in his “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy” (which includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) The World’s End this September with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, so hopes that he would make Ant-Man his next film seem to have been dashed.

However, news of The World’s End came with a targeted release date of Spring 2013, so Wright could conceivable move right into Ant-Man next spring/early summer to meet a 2014 release date.  He’s also developing an adaptation of The Night Stalker with Johnny Depp, but there’s no word on how soon that could be going into production; Depp’s a fairly busy guy.

Feige has also been talking up a Guardians of the Galaxy film lately, and with the introduction of a cosmic villain in the credits sequence of The Avengers, I wouldn’t be shocked if Marvel was planning on moving things off of Earth for a Guardians film in the near-future.  It’s also possible that the two “secret” films that Feige referenced are neither Ant-Man nor Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Marvel president has also mentioned The Inhumans and Doctor Strange as possible projects, there’s the possibility of another Hulk movie, and the studio has a ridiculous number of options when it comes to source material.  Hopefully one or both of these two “in development” projects will be announced before or at this summer’s Comic-Con, but what about you, fine readers?  What do you think the studio has planned for the next few years?


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