Exclusive: Watch Kevin James Torture Joel McHale in First Clip from Indie Thriller ‘Becky’

     May 21, 2020


I watched the upcoming Kevin James movie Becky the other night and while I remain under embargo, here’s one thing I can tell you strictly as a reporter — per a well-placed source, the initial cut of this movie was rated NC-17. That’s right. Have I got your attention now?

The truth is that I was not prepared for Becky, and you wouldn’t be prepared for it either if it weren’t for this post. But now that you do know that this movie is insanely violent and gory, I’ve got a little treat for you — an exclusive clip featuring torture and genuine suspense!

Let me set this clip up for you. Becky finds lovable sitcom star James playing Dominick, a Nazi fugitive who comes knocking on the door of a remote lake house where Joel McHale‘s character has taken his family for a weekend getaway. Daddy has just told his rebellious teenage daughter Becky (Lulu Wilson) that he plans to remarry, and she did not take the news well, running off into the surrounding woods just before the home invasion takes place.


Image via Quiver Distribution

It turns out that Dominick is looking for something on the property and suspects that Becky may know where it is, so he starts to torture her father in an attempt to get her to reveal herself. Suffice to say, this act of aggression does not go over well with Becky, who makes it her mission to even the score.

Quiver Distribution and Redbox Entertainment recently released a trailer, which you can find right here. Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott directed from a script by Ruckus and Lane Skye along with Nick Morris, while J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules produced the movie under their BoulderLight Pictures banner alongside Jordan Yale Levine, Russ Posternak and Jordan Beckerman of Yale Productions.

Becky was initially slated for a theatrical release, but the film will now invade theaters, drive-ins, and on Digital and VOD platforms on June 5. Watch the clip below and then hit the comments section to tell me if James’ dark turn in this film reminds you of the time Vince Vaughn shaved his head to play against type in the equally bloody indie Brawl in Cell Block 99.

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