Kevin Smith Gives an Update on RED STATE; May Decide to HIT SOMEBODY

     September 9, 2009


Kevin Smith has been talking up a couple of different projects over the past few years.  The one project which sounded the most interesting to me was his “horror film”, “Red State”.  Smith has described the film as being very bleak, very dramatic. and has said that it would be a big departure for him.  Not much is known in terms of the films plot other than it would be inspired by a Fred Phelps like character and would be set in, what I’m guessing, would be a red state.

For awhile the project was thought to be dead after Smith was unable to find funding for the project.  The film’s future looked even worse after Smith announced that he would like to tackle his hockey film, “Hit Somebody”, next.  However, thanks to a recent interview it looks like “Red State” might not be dead after all.  You can find out how it might be the next film for the director when you click on the jump.

kevin_smith_hockey_new_jersey_devils_01.jpgSmith recently talked with Sci-fi Wire [via The Playlist] and gave a good little update about “Red State”.  It seems that the main problem, money, is still what is the causing the film to be delayed.  He says that the films producer, Jon Gordon, took him to task recently for saying that the project was having money troubles.  Smith responded by saying that ” I don’t see any Red State money. If I don’t see it, if I’ve never heard of it, then how do I think that it exists?'”

It turns out that Gordon feels that he has raised enough money but he wants to secure casting before making any announcement. Meanwhile, Smith wants to confirm money before he starts casting. He goes on to say that “I want to make sure there’s money actually to go make the movie, before we even start thinking about bringing people on board, because then I’ve got to go out to them hat in hand and be like, “Hey, man, can you do this movie for f–kin’ nothing?”, because we’re doing it for peanuts.’ So it depends who you ask.”

It’s always interesting to hear about the problems behind the scenes when developing a movie and it’s made even better when you hear it from someone who is as candid as Smith is.  He sums up his thoughts on the state of “Red State” by saying that “Long story short, hopefully the money turns up very soon and we go. Failing that, I’m going to pursue my hockey movie next.”

I know that Smith gets a lot of hate.  I also know that he still has his fans.  I belong to the later group.  I’ve always been a fan but I’m very happy to see him finally “growing” as a filmmaker.  I expect something great from his hockey film since he has expressed his passion and love for the sport a lot of times on his podcast, “smodcast”. He also has his buddy cop comedy/action film, “A Couple of Dicks”, coming out next year.  I really hope he one day does find the money and time to do “Red State” since I do feel that it would be the film which would finally prove that he is more than a “dick and fart jokes” director.

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