Kevin Smith Gets Gory in Trailer for Horror Anthology Film ‘Killroy Was Here’

     July 28, 2020


Kevin Smith unveiled the trailer for his upcoming horror anthology film Killroy Was Here over the weekend as part of Comic-Con at Home, and I’m warning you now, it’s pretty gory.

The film was inspired by the “Kilroy Was Here” graffiti depicting a bald man with a large nose peeking over a wall. Smith has now given the character a backstory, as Kilroy is depicted as a Vietnam veteran who uses the deadly skills he learned as a special ops soldier to become a Florida swamp monster of sorts — one who protects children instead of preying on them.


Image via SModcast Pictures

Smith made the film with the help of students from the Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida as well as a cast of regulars, including Jason Mewes, Ralph Garman and daughter Harley Quinn Smith. Wrestling legend Chris Jericho co-stars alongside Daisy McElfresh, Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O’Nan and Betty Aberlin, while Justin Kucsulain plays Killroy.

Killroy Was Here started out as a Christmas movie about a Krampus until Michael Dougherty released his own Krampus movie. Smith and co-writer Andy McElfresh had planned for each segment to have a different director before Smith ultimately decided to direct the whole film himself and change up several segments, cutting one that would’ve involved Hitler.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Smith, and I was a big fan of both Red State and Tusk, so here’s hoping that Killroy Was Here can conjure the same kind of genre magic. Smith had been planning to self-release Killroy in the fall, but the pandemic has forced him to abandon those plans, and a 2021 release is more likely. Whether that’s in theaters or on VOD is another story, but check out the trailer below and let me know in the comments section whether this is the kind of movie that would get you to return to a theater. And to watch Smith’s episode of Comic Book Shopping, click here.

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