Kevin Smith Is Getting Ready to HIT SOMEBODY

     January 4, 2010


In a recent segment on the online talk show “Mitch Albom Live”, everyman director Kevin Smith talks with host and modern-day Renaissance man Mitch Albom about his upcoming hockey flick Hit Somebody, based on the song of the same name written by Albom about a decade ago for singer Warren Zevon. Essentially, the interview is 10 minutes of Smith and Albom (who will co-write the film) walking around Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings, talking about Smith’s passion for the game and his reasons for wanting to make the film. There aren’t too many specific details given and it seems like they’re still early on in the process, but you get the impression that things are moving forward and that he expects to be in production before too long. The one thing that does seem to be for certain at this point is that once he does get rolling, Smith will be filming in Michigan at Joe Louis Arena itself. Overall, it’s a charming little piece and if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, you’ll probably dig it.

Hit the jump for the interview.

(via joblo)


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