Kevin Smith Reacts to Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Comments: “They Are Cinema”

     October 15, 2019


Turns out Martin Scorsese isn’t the only person who has a lot to say about Marvel movies. In the wake of the director’s big double-down on the threat Marvel movies pose to cinema today, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot director/writer/star Kevin Smith has now stepped into the discourse with his own thoughts.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter recently in Los Angeles, Smith got candid about his feelings on Scorsese’s remarks, including his reductive likening of Marvel movies to theme parks and claiming they were invading theaters. Smith began by saying, “Martin Scorsese is a genius. But to be fair, my entire film career — even prior to my film career — he’s been pretty much saying the same thing about action movies.”


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The Jay and Silent Bob director went on to jokingly remark Scorsese “practically invented cinema” so it’s not like he’s not coming from an informed place in his comments. For Smith, “Martin Scorsese made the biggest superhero movie ever, which was The Last Temptation of ChristDon’t get much bigger of a superhero than Jesus. He beats Superman and [Robert] Downey [Jr.] every time, so maybe Martin is bending on that territory.”

However, Smith — who has become a go-to for all things comic book-related in today’s pop culture landscape — doesn’t think Scorsese has it right in his negative, dim view of Marvel flicks.

“My feeling is, Martin Scorsese never sat in a movie theater with his dad and watched the movies of Steven Spielberg in the early ’80s or George Lucas in the late ’70s. He didn’t feel that sense of magic and wonder. I can still step into one of those comic book movies, divorce myself of that fact that I do this for a living, release, and my dead dad is back for a minute, for two hours. And it’s personal for a lot of the audience. You know, and we’re not arguing whether or not it counts as cinema.”

He continued,

“I guarantee you there’s something he enjoyed with his parents, like a musical — I bet you some cats would say, ‘A musical is not really cinema,’ but Martin Scorsese grew up on musicals, and I bet they mean a lot to him. These [Marvel] movies come from a core. They come from a happy childhood. And they’re reflections of a happy childhood. He’s not wrong, but at the same time, neither are we for loving those movies. And they are cinema.”

Smith is just one of the most recent creatives to share his own thoughts and feelings about Scorsese’s Marvel commentary. Earlier on Tuesday, Watchmen creator Damon Lindelof had this to say, in part, about it all: “I’m just curious as to how many Marvel movies he has seen. I don’t view it as a put-down. I think there has to be space for popular entertainment and indie fare and cinema.”

For more about Martin Scorsese’s wild Marvel comments, check out our coverage on MCU alums Samuel L. Jackson and James Gunn’s reactions. Jay and Silent Bob reboot finally hit theaters on Tuesday, October 15.

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