A Preview of Kevin Tong’s ‘Sights Unseen’ Phone Booth Gallery Show

     March 9, 2013


There is something very special about Kevin Tong’s new solo art show, “Sights Unseen,” which opens tonight (March 9th) at the Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA.  Tong has been very tight-lipped about revealing any information about it and I was completely surprised walking through the doors.  It was not at all what I was expecting, in the best way possible.  In Kevin’s own words, “It isn’t so much a show as it is more of an installation”.  I am not allowed to say much, as Kevin wants it to be a surprise for everyone who attends the opening, but I will say, you should definitely attend if you are able.

With over a hundred available pieces for sale, including a gorgeous new 8 color screen print, it was all almost too much to take in for the few hours I was there.  Every time I looked again, I found something I’d missed before.  What was almost as amazing as the work on display, was how affordable everything was.  The prices were shockingly modest and there really shouldn’t be a reason that everyone who comes doesn’t walk away with a piece.  More after the jump.

The show opens at 7pm, but I would recommend getting there early, because things are going to sell out very fast.  Kevin and Garry Booth should be very proud with the work they have put in for this show, because I really can’t say enough nice things about it.  This show really is an opportunity that fans of Kevin’s work, or just amazing art, are not going to want to miss.

Here’s a few preview pictures until the show opens.  Phone Booth Gallery is located at:

Phone Booth Gallery

2533 East Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803

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