Every ‘Key & Peele’ Sketch Is Now Free to Watch Online, and Life Is Suddenly Better

     June 9, 2016

Key & Peele‘s fourth and final season of sketch comedy was one of the most memorable entertainments that was offered on television last year. Not even a weak ago, I found myself looking up episode descriptions to hunt down which episode of the season had the “terries” sketch, wherein Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key play two passengers on a flight who are aggressively excited about the possibility of a terrorist hijacking. That one has been available online for awhile, but plenty of the material from Key & Peele has been impossible to get online without watching the whole episode on Hulu or something similar.

key-and-peele-season-1Well, now that’s all changed. Comedy Central has set-up a website that hosts every single sketch that the excellent comedy duo have ever put in there show. As the home page says, “if they made it, it’s here.” The search is easy to use, and the home page features quite a few of their most memorable characters, including Obama’s anger translator as well as the fake-name lineups for the East/West Bowl. The timing is awful for this one, as it’s the middle of the day, and there are a few more hours of work left for most of us before we can really dig into this deluge of awesome.

Keegan and Peele have been busy since the dissolution of their show. Not that long ago at all, the pair released their kitten-rescue comedy Keanu, which was very funny at certain points, and they are currently working on a stop-motion animation project with the great Henry Selick, the man behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. And even before the show ended, the pair showed up in a memorable pair of turns in the first season of Fargo, and Key appeared in Parks & Recreation. The likelihood that any future project will be able to live up to the sheer strangeness and riotous energy of Key & Peele, however, is not great, and this should serve as a crucial library for budding comedians and a bottomless well of laughs for everyone else.


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