First Look at Guy Maddin’s KEYHOLE

     March 7, 2011


The first images from Guy Maddin’s (The Saddest Music in the World) latest film Keyhole have hit the web. The film stars Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini, Udo Kier (Blade) and Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) and tells the vastly twisted tale of a deadbeat father/gangster on an odyssey to his bedroom. So, “vastly twisted” may have been a bit of a understatement. Hit the jump to check out some of the images as well as a synopsis for the flick.

Here are the images from Keyhole (via Twitchfilm):



To check out the rest of the images, head over to Twitchfilm.

Here’s the synopsis for Keyhole:

A gangster and deadbeat father, Ulysses Pick (Patric), returns home after a long absence. He is toting two teenagers: a drowned girl, Denny, who has mysteriously returned to life; and a bound-and-gagged hostage, who is actually his own teenage son, Manners. Confused Ulysses doesn’t recognize his own son, but he feels with increasing conviction he must make an indoor odyssey from the back door of his home all the way up, one room at a time, to the marriage bedroom where his wife Hyacinth (Rossellini) awaits.

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