Mark Millar Comments on KICK-ASS 2, Director Jeff Wadlow, the Return of the Original Cast, Hit-Girl and the Future of KICK-ASS

     May 22, 2012


Normally, Mark Millar is not the most reliable of sources, but since we recently confirmed the start date of production on Kick-Ass 2, we can lend a bit more credence to the comic writer’s comments in the following interview.  Director Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down spoke recently on the progress and tone of the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s 2010 original hit, Kick-Ass.  Millar expands on his comments quite a bit, including a candid talk about Wadlow being chosen as director, the use of Hit-Girl in the sequel, the return of the original cast (including Aaron Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and where the franchise will go from here.  Some spoilers lay in wait ahead, but feel free to hit the jump as I’ll move the spoiler-free updates to the head of the line.

In a recent chloe-moretz-kick-assinterview with Digital Spy at Kapow! Comic Con, Millar opened up a lot about Kick-Ass 2, including some major character-related plot points.  Those await you further down the line, so let’s start with some non-spoilery bits.  For a while, speculation had it that Vaughn would return to direct the sequel.  Millar commented as follows:

“Matthew Vaughn chose the director about 18 months ago secretly because he knew he wasn’t going to be doing Kick-Ass 2 since he had taken on the X-Men franchise. For a little while, a few weeks, it looked like he might do Kick-Ass 2, but they poured a bucket of money over him to do X-Men instead.

“Jeff Wadlow had been talking to Matthew about doing this move Bloodshot a couple of years back and Matthew was really impressed with his script. He’d done a couple of movies on a small budget, and Matthew was like ‘trust me, this is the guy’.

“So the three of us have been talking seriously for about eight months, and Jeff turned in a final draft of the screenplay about eight weeks ago. It’s in really nice shape to start shooting in eight or nine weeks’ time.”

Millar further commented on the state of the original cast returning for the sequel:kick-ass_movie_poster_propaganda_03

“As far as we know everyone is scheduled to come back, unless somebody is hit by a bus or something. Chloe has a busy schedule but she has to stop sometime.”

The next bits get a tad spoilery, so if you haven’t read the comics or simply don’t want to know about the plot points involved in the sequel, turn back now!!!

Millar next commented on the level of violence that he thinks Kick-Ass 2 will get away with:

“Every horrible scene in the book will be in the film. The c**t line in the first one, everybody said ‘there’s no way you’re getting that in the movie’, but it happened and it’s the same thing with this. Everybody is saying ‘you can’t have a gang rape scene with supervillains’ and ‘you can’t have the dog’s head cut off’, but every single one of those scenes will go in it.”

This may be the biggest spoiler as pertains to the movie plot:

Hit-Girl will be the first 30 minutes of the movie and then the next 70 minutes is Kick-Ass 2. So Hit-Girl is structured as the first act.”

As for the other characters in the film, Millar was asked about Mintz-Plasse kick-ass_set_photo_matthew_vaughn_aaron_johnson_chloe_moretztaking up the mantle of The Motherfucker and whether he’d be up for it:

“Totally! The thing I love about it is there was a movie I saw years ago called Once Upon a Time in the West, and Henry Fonda, who is the nicest all-American actor of that era shoots a child at the start of that film, and you’re like ‘oh my God’, because it’s Henry Fonda. If you saw somebody who is a bad guy, like a Lee Van Clief type, doing that it’s not nearly as shocking.

“So to see the guy you know as the charming McLovin doing awful things, it’s going to be doubly upsetting, and that was always the plan. He’s a very, very underrated actor. I think sometimes if you do comedy, people don’t accept that you are a serious actor, but he’s one of those guys who can turn his mind to anything.”

Finally, Millar shared quite a bit about the future of Kick-Ass in both comic and movie form:kick-ass_movie_image_chloe_moretz_02

“The third book of Kick-Ass is the last book, there won’t be any more after that. Even though it’s the biggest book I’ve ever done, I’ve really always thought there’s an end in sight, so I plan on finishing it in a year’s time.”

“People who’ve read the comic will know that the second one ends on a cliffhanger. Hit-Girl’s been arrested and she’s in prison, Dave has lost his dad and he’s kind of destitute. The third one will be set two years later, and it’s about where their lives are now, picking it up from there.

“Hit-Girl has killed 80-something people by this point, so they’re never going to let her out. She’s like a tiny Myra Hindley.

“It’s basically illegal to wear a costume at this point, so that’s quite interesting. I used to love Marvel Comics where the cops were chasing superheroes, seeing them as menaces because they’re not licensed in any way. So I kind of like the idea of bringing that back, because in reality there’s no way a cop or a fireman is going to let a guy in a suit run into a building.

“I like the idea that after they have stopped a mugging they have to run away for the police. That old-fashioned superhero thing.

Look for the sequel to Kick-Ass sometime in 2013.


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