KICK-ASS Director Matthew Vaughn in Talks to Direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

     April 30, 2010


20th Century Fox has offered Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn the chance to helm X-Men: First Class.  It’s an interesting offer because as EW reports, back in 2005, Vaughn had signed a deal to direct X-Men: The Last Stand but then decided to turn down the job (The gig eventually went to Brett Ratner who made the highest-grossing but also the worst-existing of the core X-Men movies).  Vaughn went on to direct 2007’s underrated Stardust and then 2010’s insane (but in a good way) Kick-Ass.  It almost seems like common sense to offer Vaughn a big superhero film after the action-movie chops he showed off with that film.  Of course, I seriously doubt you’ll have something like Kitty Pryde calling mutant protesters a bunch of cunts before murdering them all in a gruesome fashion.

For more on the chances of Vaughn taking the gig and some more info on the project, hit the jump.

x-men_first_class_comic_book_cover_01.jpgIn their report, EW notes that Vaughn may still turn down the offer and that Fox is speaking with other possible directors.  First Class was originally supposed to be directed by Bryan Singer, but he had to step down to a producer-only capacity because he was already attached to do Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer.  However, the current iteration of the script is based on a treatment by Singer and was written by Jamie Moss.  I can’t help but wonder that if Vaughn takes the job, whether or not he’ll write a new script with writing-partner Jane Goldman.  It’s also worth noting that Vaughn has also been connected with adapting the comics Bloodshot and Turf.

For those unfamiliar with the property, X-Men: First Class is about Cyclops, Jean Grey, and other X-Men (played by younger actors) in their early days at the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.  Singer has said in past interviews that the core of the story will be the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and how the two grew apart over their feelings towards non-mutants.  EW brings up the possibility of including Wolverine in the film since the character doesn’t age.  Personally, I think that would be an awful idea.  I can’t imagine how they would organically bring that character into the story (so he’s going to meet Professor X and the X-Men and forget them?  How many adamantium memory bullets are out there?).  Also, it would feel like a crutch and an implicit statement that an X-Men movie can’t succeed unless it has Wolverine in it.

But back to the main story, it would be very cool if Vaughn decided to take the job and increase the chances of having the next X-Men movie reach the bar set by X2.

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