KICK-ASS Test Screening Cancelled. Could the Film Have Been Sold?

     July 29, 2009


A few days ago I posted a tweet saying that a test screening of Matthew Vaughn’s new comic-book movie “Kick-Ass” was scheduled for Thursday night outside of Los Angeles. Out of respect for the filmmaker and the film, I didn’t say where the screening was or how you could get in. But it’s not going to matter now as the screening was cancelled. So why would they cancel a test screening the day before it was set to go? Could it be Matthew Vaughn’s independent movie that doesn’t have domestic distribution is about to be sold? More after the jump:

The first thing I need to say is I have no inside source telling me that “Kick-Ass” has been sold. But based on the reaction at Comic-Con to the footage and the buzz that’s been building since the Hall H presentation, I think it’s a lock that some smart studio head is finalizing the numbers and cutting director Matthew Vaughn a check to distribute his latest film. After all, the movie has stars, it’s based on a comic book (I’ve heard those are kind of popular right now), and the film is FINISHED. Meaning, the studio knows exactly what they are getting and they don’t have to wonder about the final product.

Anyway, they do test screenings to see how general audiences feel about a movie. Perhaps the screening was set up before Comic-Con in case no one was interested and they could do a screening to see the numbers. But now, with the buzz so strong, things have changed. My gut tells me we are going to hear about a sale any day now. We’ll see if I am right or wrong soon enough.


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