Kiefer Sutherland talks 24 Movie Possibilities

     March 20, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

While fans of “24” have always talked about seeing Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer on the big screen, Kiefer once again confirmed that any talk of a feature film will have to wait until the series is over. He did this earlier today while promoting his upcoming DreamWorks animated movie “Monsters vs. Aliens”.

However, while talk of a feature film is still premature, he did reveal that everyone involved in the show has at least talked about the idea when he said the movie ‘would lose the real time aspect, which would be a huge freedom for the writers’. He went on to say the film ‘would be a two hour representation of a twenty-four hour day’

While there is no way to know if this new format will be okay with the fans, I’d like to think they’d just be happy seeing Jack Bauer onthe big screen kicking ass. Anyway, here’s exactly what Kiefer said. Look for the full transcript in the next day or two.

Question: Have you ever thought about doing a Jack Bauer movie or an animated series of 24?

Kiefer: I’ve never thought about an animated series. We thought that it would always be cruel and unusual punishment to ask the writers to write, in the course of ten months, the equivalent of twelve films and in their off time if you’ve got a great idea for a feature film that’s so special write that as well. So we’ve kind of collectively agreed that we would entertain the idea of a film when the series was finished. And if people still wanted to see something like that we would be really excited to do it because the format we would make the movie in – cause we have discussed it – would be a two hour representation of a twenty-four hour day. So we would lose the real time aspect which would be a huge freedom for the writers. But it’s something we would not even start to do until the series was finished.

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