Kimberly Peirce to Direct Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang Picture, THE BRAND

     April 2, 2013


With her horror film reboot of Carrie coming out later this year, director Kimberly Peirce will now set her sights on an entirely different sort of film.  From an Alessandro Camon (The Messenger) script based on a 2004 New Yorker article by David Grann, Peirce’s next directorial project will be The Brand.  The edgy drama centers on the titular prison gang composed of members of the Aryan Brotherhood and U.S. Attorney Gregory Jessner who doggedly pursued them in the name of justice.  Hit the jump for more.

kimberly-peirceDeadline reports that Peirce will take on the Aryan Brotherhood in The Brand.  The picture will focus on the rise of the gang during the 70s and 80s as seen through the eyes of a young recruit who climbs through the ranks and eventually defects.  Another character will be a tough guy or sorts who becomes disgusted with the gang’s practice of threatening prisoner’s loved ones with violence and so defects, doomed to look over his shoulder every day of his life.

The Brand started out in San Quentin with a few central leaders who were quickly dispersed throughout the country’s supermax prisons in an effort to dilute their influence.  Instead, their ideology spread and their numbers began to grow.  Before long, even with high-ranking members confined to solitary, the gang controlled drug dealing, prostitution and other crimes in maximum security prisons, communicating in a way that was similar to Morse code in order to establish their policies and order hits.  Jessner tried 40 of the gang’s members in an effort to seek the death penalty for their continued violence within prison.

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