Exclusive KINGSMAN Bespoke Lessons Teach You the Ways of the Gentleman Spy

     June 19, 2015


Today, we’re pleased to debut some exclusive animated artwork for Matthew Vaughn‘s Kingsman: The Secret Service designed to educate you the ways of the gentleman spy. As Colin Firth’s Harry Hart tutors Eggsy (Taron Egerton) in the manners and principles of the Kingsman, so these “bespoke” lessons teach you Murderous Mixology, Keeping Clean While Getting Your Hands Dirty, and Dressing to Kill (including how to kick the shit out of someone with only your belt for a weapon). Basically, how to be a completely lethal badass without ever losing your refined edge.

The clips don’t have a whole lot to do with the film itself, but they’re a fun bit of in-world marketing that capture the film’s odd juxtaposition of brutal violence and dapper manners. Check out the new Kingsman art below.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is now available on blu-ray. The film also stars Samuel L. JacksonSofia BoutellaSophie Cookson, Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Jack Davenport.

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Image via 20th Century Fox


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